About me

Hey friends! welcome to about us session of Technicalrazz. Technicalrazz is my website and I am an Indian person. The man behind Technicalrazz is Sangharsh Dhuranrdhar. 

I am a student of post graduation in the stream of computer science. I have the degree of B.Sc.(Bachelor of Science) on computer. 
I have a good knowledge of computer technology. I like to do a study of the computer as well as website designing. 
I have start website designing since December 2017. Now website designing has become my passion. 
I like blogger only to create the website. I am also a singer. I like hacking also and I can do the hacking. I do not illegal works. I am a good entertainer. I am a good typist.

Techniclaraz is a huge blog. As you can see. Techraazz website has found in December 2017. 

About Blog

I am not one person behind the Techraazz. Prashant is also a boy with me. He is my bro. He helps me to write the articles. We are trying to tell our experience to the people through this website. It’s a very nice website. Simple to surf. We write a post with good language. We write or update it daily. We have also social media pages regarding the website. As you can see there are seven different part of this website. Like Blogging, SEO, Earning, Technology, Gaming.

Our maximum articles are regarding this point. We give all genuine information about earning. Earning session is only content with online earning. We share our earning experience. Which is our own experience? We have gained this experience before start the blogging. This is the main session of our website. We do not share wrong information about earning.

We have so many people with different experiences. So we take help from the experience to write the new post. We write technology, gaming and mystery post from these sources.

We use images in our blog. All images are under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.


I have won the best author award in my college. I have written a small book of 50 pages. The book is too expensive. The name of the expensive book is ‘Balbhaarti’. I have not published it on the internet. But it was published in several panels. Balbhaarti is a book like a comic. So anybody can read it. My book is nominated for the district-level author’s award. We are thankful for this.  

I have a dream to win India’s best blogger award with Techraazz. So I am writing the posts daily.