How to Customize your Post with Custom Permalink in Blogger?

In the previous year the blogger team added some new SEO features in blogger. That features help to correctly index your post and image in the search engine. Today I am happy to show you another feature which helps you to customize your search preference – Custom Permalinks.

What is Custom Permalinks?

I hope you already know about permalinks, in case you didn’t know about custom permalink it gets automatically available for your post. If you are looking for good visibility of your post you need to customize your permalinks.
Many people have been started their blog a few years ago but they did not get success in their blogging carrier because of lack of information. I have also done this mistake in my blog, therefore I am late to start blogging.
When you write any post’s title, the blogger creates automatically default permalink for your post. The permalink is always related to your post title.
The author of the blog can not control the default permalink, therefore, we have got the option for permalink customization. Custom permalink option gives you more control over your permalink. You can set it by your choice.
Here is the example of automatic permalink and custom permalink-

You can see in the first option I have given the example of the automatic permalink. It generates automatically by default. It generates as per specific length. It does not add your targeted keyword correctly.
In the second example, I have created it myself by using the custom permalink option. I have successfully added my targeted keyword in it.
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How to use Permalink for better SEO?

When you want to customize your permalink for better SEO, you have to remove the stop words and add the keywords in your permalink. You can add any type of keyword (such as short-tail or long-tail) in your permalink, it depends on your target keyword. If you are new to blogging and search for keyword research read the following post-

When you write the post in blogger, you can see the Permalink option at the right sidebar. You have given the title to your post the permalink also have automatically generated.

custom permalink


Now you need to click on the “Permalink” option. Now you have select “Custom URL” option and now add your permalink there.

The bolded area is your added custom permalink. and .html are created automatically. You can not change it.
In the blogger here is one thing additional in permalink that is month and year.

This is the blueprint of permalink in blogger. If you want to add your words in permalink you can add using a dash between two words (“-“).
For the purpose of adding the permalink you can use the characters between A-Z, a-z, 0-9, underscore, dash and period.

How to Redirects permalink in Blogger?

As I have told there are many confusion to create the customized permalink. If you have not introduced with permalink yet, you have done many wrong things. I am telling the good solution of it by using this solution you can add your permalink correctly.
For redirecting the permalink you have to get the help of custom redirect option of blogger. You can find that option in the Search preference setting of your blog. I am giving the screenshot for you. Similarly, you have to add your custom permalink in that option.

custom permalink


First of all, you have to go to the “Setting” option and then “Search Preference”. Now you can see the option Custom redirect.
You have to add the URL from date to html only. In the first box you have to add the wrong URL and in the second box, you have to add the new URL.
This is the way by which you can redirect each and every post to the other permalink.
If you found some problem in the setting of custom permalink you can tell me by comment or contact.
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