How to Change the Blogger Template?

Hello and Welcome to Technicalrazz. Today I am telling how to change the blogger template. After reading this article you will change your blog template easily and very cleverly.

blogger template

When you create a blog on Blogspot it is your default template. It has given by blogger by default. Blogspot has given us some simple but classic templates. If you have to change your default template with that template, you can do it very easily.

Follow the Step by Step guide

Step 1: Login to your Blogger
Step 2: Select your blog which you want to edit

blogger template

Step 3: Go to Theme

blogger template

Step 4: Select which one is best for you
Step 5: Click on your select theme

blogger template

Step 6: Click on “Apply to Blog” button

Congratulation! Your theme installed successfully 

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The advantages of Blogger templates

ü  The themes which given by blogger are classic.
ü  by this theme your page load time will be staying in maintain.
ü  There are not more scripts like other themes.

By this theme, your blog will be looking not so good. These themes are like a very simple book. Which have not any colorful designs. Here are not present any social media buttons. Like Share on social media or follow on social media. You have to implement these buttons by yourself. It will be your responsibility. In the footer, you get the blogger logo by default. If you are wishing to change it, you cannot.

If you want to install the pro theme like my blog there are two methods to do. First, you have to download the theme from any website. There are types of themes. First is paid and second is free.
Step 1: Download the theme as you like
Step 2: It will be in the zip file
Step 3: Now extract it with help of winrar
Step 4: Place this folder in remember

First Method

This method is the professional method to change the theme of your blog. You can change your theme very safely by following this method.

Let’s start the first method-

Step 1: Go to the “Theme”

Step 2: Click the button “Backup/Restore

blogger template

Step 3: Now Click on “Choose File”

blogger template

Step 4: Choose the XML file from the downloaded template

If the uploading will complete successfully, Congratulations! You have changed your blog’s theme successfully.

If the process of uploading could not complete, doesn’t matter. It will complete by the second method.

Let’s start the second method

Second Method

It is the final method I mean by this method your theme will change 100%. Sometimes the theme is not able to change by the previous method.
By this method, your theme will change successfully.

Step 1: Go to the Theme

blogger template

Step 2: Click on “Edit HTML”

Step 3: Select all text and delete it
Step 4: Open your downloaded theme file
Step 5: Copy all text in XML file below
Step 6: Paste all text in deleted section
Step 7: Click on the Save button

It will not take time to save so don’t worry about that. This is a very good method to change the theme.

Note: If you want to edit in your layout section, refresh the whole blog. If you do not refresh you can see the layout will be older one.

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Wrapping Up:

That was the How to Change the blogger template?
There are more ways than I have told in this article.
I have written this blog post as per my research and my knowledge.
I have written this just for information.
If anybody knows more about it, please tell me in the comment below.
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