How to Create the Comment Backlinks to Boost Ranking?

Hello friends, today I am writing a very important part of off-page SEO. If you want to boost your ranking, this article is for you because today I am telling a method to create comment backlinks.
                                                                                                                                        Friends, we all know the how important the backlinks are! There are so many benefits to creating the backlinks. Backlinks can increase your domain authority.
While we check our backlinks using any SEO tool, it will show us the special part for off-page. The backlinks come under off-page SEO.
Commenting is a very simple and primary method to build the backlinks. You can create unlimited backlinks with this method.

What is Comment Backlinks?

Comment Backlinks is the method by which you put your particular webpage’s link on another blog.
There are different techniques to build backlinks in blogger and WordPress.
The first backlink for your Website is nothing other than internal linking.

Types of Comment Backlinks

1. Simple Comment Backlinks

This is the most common type of comment form. If you create a backlink by this method your link will be saved in your name. The maximum website has this form of the comment. 
Here is the example of it-


2. Commentluv Enabled Comment Backlinks

This is not the most common type of comment form. You can see it rarely. But the commentluv is most attractive. It attracts people to do comments.
Here you have to put your website URL it will show you the allowed link of your blog.
Here is the example of its-



3. Anchor Text comment Backlinks

It is the most common technique of comment. This form is available on the blog which is created on blogger. So many spams are here.
Here you have to use HTML to build the link. In some case, you can directly add the links.
Here is the example of it-


Remember this while creating Backlinks
Every website is not good to create quality backlinks. Here is some factor to take remember while commenting.
  • The webpage should not have more than 50+ comments
  • The domain should not have spam with Gambling links or porn
  • Check the DA of the website. Remember the DA should be more than 30
  • The website where you need to log in for commenting, such types of website are not much spammed.

How to Find Sites to create comment Backlinks?

Find Comment Source website by spying

We use so many SEO tools. In some SEO tool, we get the option of backlinks. You can check every website’s backlinks there.
Simply you have to enter the website URL and the result will open. The list of websites will open. You have to open it one by one and put your comment there.
You can use these following tools
  • Openlinkprofiler(free)
  • Ahref
  • SEMrush
  • Moz

Find Websites by Google Dork

Google dork is specially created to find the required sites. It will filter out all you required and all you not required.
I am sharing some Google dork. You can use it to find your required website. Use the website one by one.
Simply you have to enter it in the search bar of Google Chrome and heat the enter button. The result will open.
Now you have to open the websites one by one and comment.
Google Dorks for Dofollow Comment Links
  • “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
  • “Submit the word you see below:”
  • “Blog Comments Powered by Disqus”
  • “Leave a new comment”
  • “Comment on the Post”
  • “Enter your comment:”
  • “Comments on this entry:”
  • “Sign in to comment on this entry.”
  • “Comments”
  • “Login or register to post comments”
  • “Login or register to post or rate comments”
  • “Leave a Reply” Name “(required)”
  • ‘‘Mail (will not be published) “(required)”‘
  • “Website” “You must be registered and logged in to leave comments.”
  • “Sign in to Comment On this Entry”
Google Dork to Find CommentLuv Enabled Blogs
  • “This blog uses premium CommentLuv”
  • “The version of CommentLuv on this site is no longer supported.”
More Google Dorks to find sites to create Comment Backlinks
  • “if you have a website, link to it here”“post a new comment”
  • “By submitting a comment here you grant this site a perpetual license to”
  • “add comment” keyword / “add * comment”
  • “post comment” keyword / “post * comment”
  • keyword “leave a comment” / “leave * comment”
  • keyword “no comments” Keywords “top commenter”
  • Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments”
  • Keywords “You can use these tags”
  • “This site uses KeywordLuv ”
  • Top commenter Keyword(s)
  • Top commenters Keyword(s)
  • Top commentators Keyword(s)
  • Keyword(s) “Recent Comments”
  • keyword “notify me of follow-up comments”

I have given this important information to you. Now you have to place it in the search engine one by one. Place your backlinks one by one.
This is not enough tactics for rank. You have to write SEO friendly article. For writing the SEO friendly article you have to do some required tactics.

Final Words:
The backlink is the most important factor to increase your Domain Authority. For ranking, you need to do On-page SEO also.                                                     
Thease are the most genuine methods to create comment backlinks.
Most of the comment backlinks are nofollow therefore people are not interested to create them but this is totally wrong nofollow backlinks also play important roll in your ranking as well. 
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