Difference Between Hosted and Non-Hosted AdSense Account

I have written the article about AdSense. Today I want to tell the difference between Hosted and Non-Hosted AdSense account.
Google AdSense provides two types of account. Both are same but only the difference between their shares.   
It depends you got the approval from where? That means ads on YouTube, on the blogspot blog, on the self-hosted website. On this basis Google AdSense provides two types of account.

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AdSense Account Types

In these two types of accounts first is Hosted account and second is Non-hosted account. The hosted account has limitation and the Non-hosted account has no limitation.
The official name of the Non-hosted account is AdSense for content. We can get more benefits from the non-hosted account. 
Now let start the chapter about types of account. You already know that YouTube and blogger are the product of Google.

1) Hosted AdSense Account

YouTube does not charge us to publish videos on YouTube. Blogger does not charge to publish our content or posts on the Internet.
The point is peoples are using Google’s service for free. This means that people who use YouTube and Blogger do not have to spend money to publish.
People get the hosted permission to show ads in below condition. Then people place the ads on the videos or on the blogs, then they get the chance to earn money.
If your AdSense account is approved on YouTube or blogger then you will have hosted AdSense account. 

Why it is called hosted? when people publish a video or publish a post then they do not need to pay for it.
It goes to Google server directly. In short, we get free hosting from Google. So the Google AdSense provide us 55 percent and AdSense take 45 percent of our earning.
That means now the Google AdSense is cutting their hosting charge. This is not strange. If you buy web hosting, you will have to pay more than that

2) Non-Hosted AdSense Account


Suppose, You have a website which is created with the platform WordPress. WordPress is the non-Google product.
In the WordPress, you need to buy a web hosting. It does not provide a free one.
Now you apply for AdSense then your website got approval from Google AdSense then your AdSense account is fully approved account.
You have paid for web hosting. Now your hosting is not provided by Google. So Google AdSense does not deserve to cut the hosting payment. It is totally yours.
In this condition, Google gives you 68 percent of your earning and Google take only 32 percent from your earning. 

AdSense from YouTube     

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If your account has approved from YouTube then it will be Hosted account. If you will want to start blogging in the future or now, you will have to apply again as a new blogger. 
Means you will have to follow those rules which are followed by the new blogger. If you made a website and now you want AdSense approval then you will have the same option as. You will not get any benefits of it. 

AdSense from Blogger

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If your account has approved form Blogger then it will be the hosted account. Now you want to start a new blog or website, you have to apply again for new blog or website. You will not get any benefits of it.
If you want to start a YouTube, you have to follow all the rules of monetization. You will not get any benefits from the already approved account. 

AdSense from Self-hosted Website    

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If your account has approved from website or blog which is hosted by paid plain, your account will be fully approved account. Now you want to start a blog on blogger or any other paid platform, you do not need to start again. Your already approved account will beneficial for you. Only you have to verify your new blog in AdSense and you can start the earning.
If you want to start a YouTube, the already approved account is not beneficial for you. You have to follow the monetization criteria again. You need 4000 hours views and 1000 Subscribers to monetize your channel will AdSense.

The difference Between their CPC

If your AdSense account is hosted account. There are some ads are appearing on your video or blog. If anybody did click on your ad then YouTube or blogger get 0.10 dollar.
If your AdSense account is fully approved account. If you have placed ads on your website and anybody did click on it then you get 0.5 dollars.
How many difference in this conditions. Guys if you want to start the website then make it on blogger and make the website which deserves to get approved. Once you get approval then you can migrate your website by WordPress. In short Your free web hosting convert into paid. From when you migrated your website from then You will have to buy new web hosting.
One-two years ago, you had the fully approved account. There was no any difference in the monetization process of a website than now. Like today you were able to place the ads to so many websites or blogs from one approved account.
But found the difference in monetization process of YouTube. Before, People did not need to especially approve the account for YouTube.

Note: If you have a blog on blogger, you bought a custom domain for this blog and apply for AdSense. If will chance to get the fully approved Adsense account.

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