How to Change Footer Credit of Any Template?

Welcome to TechnicalRazz. HOW TO CHANGE FOOTER CREDIT? I am writing this article for only help purpose. So many new people join the blogging. While starting this they do not have a whole knowledge of this field. So I am writing this article. 

Change Footer Credit of Template

First, you have to download software first. Download the software as follows-
Step 1: After downloading the software extract it first as shown in the picture below. 
change footer credit of template

Step 2: Click on the Extract file and then the new folder will generate automatically with the name malzilla_1.2.0. 

Now, don’t open it. We have to download the software again. 
Now install it. don’t open this app first. Now you are ready for changing the footer credit. To change footer follow the step as follows.

Step 1: Open your template folder (where you want to change the footer )
Step 2: Open the XML file using the bracket software
Step 3: Click anywhere in the given text detail and push Ctrl+F
The search bar will open then. 

Step 4: Type x65 and heat Enter button.
change footer credit of template

Step 5: Select the whole text paragraph as shown in the image
Step 6: Now cut it into the full manner of theme
Note: Don’t close the bracket window. minimize it only.
Step 7: Open the malzilla folder
Step 8: Open the application file into it
change footer credit of template

Step 9: After opening click on decoder 
Step 10: Now paste the paragraph into the first empty space as shown in the image 
change footer credit of template

Step 11: Click on Run Script button
If you will get the new window which contains two or three links or lines then you click on the first line always. 
After clicking on the run script button you will found the new script paragraph generated.
Step 12: Now Cut the newly generated paragraph and delete the script in the first place 
Step 13: Paste it into it
This process you will have to do again and again. One time will your script will stop the generation of the new script then it will be ready for changing.
Open the generated text in notepad and change them all names and links. transfer there your website name and your website URL.
Note: Change only the name and only URL. Nothing for other. Its result will be your website will misbehave.
After changing the requirements cut the portion and put it into our original script which we have opened in the bracket. Put it there where we have cut the script. Remember it will place only the correct place. If you did not install it correct place then you will not find the changes. so it is mandatory to place it in the correct place.
Now you are able to change the footer credit. Now follow the following steps.

Change Footer Credit

Step 1: Now in the bracket file you have to search “copywrite” 
( simply ctrl+f and the search window will open)
You will find the new script but it will be simple   
Step 2: Change all others names and URLs. 
Note: Don’t leave empty portion which is deleted by us. means that you have to type a few words into it. example: If you want to type “anyname” all rights reserved then you have to put the first word in the first place which we have deleted. 
Step 3: Now copy it whole theme’s script and put it into your blogger theme session. but you have to delete your old script first.
Step 4: Save the theme and enjoy.  
If you will follow this step then you will get the success to change. 

Note: This is a short trick to change a footer credit of template. Remember that the trick is not working on all types of template. It can work on maximum templates but it will not be able to change all type of template.

Over to you:
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I hope that it will help you to change the footer credit.
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