How to Create a Privacy Policy Page for Blogger and WordPress?

The Privacy policy is the page of the blog which informs about your blog. What information are you collecting from your visitors? Are you serve some paid ads? The work of the Privacy Policy page is that.

This page is like order for the publisher. The publisher should add all information about cookies and data in this page. 

Publishers use more ad serving programs including Google AdSense this information should be given by the publisher. 

Visitors have the right to check the privacy of any blog, website and much more.
So it became a necessity to show Privacy Policy page to your blog.
Privacy Policy Page

Today I will show you how to create a Privacy Policy page and how to add it to your blog.

Similarly, You can add the contact form

Create A Privacy Policy Page For Your Blog

Most of the publishers write the Privacy Policy page by themselves. You can also write it yourself but it required a piece of knowledge to write the Privacy Policy. 
Most of blogger don’t know how to create a good Privacy Policy page for the blog. 
If anybody wants Privacy Policy, Several tools are present to generate it. These tools are third party tools and it called Privacy Policy Generator. 
It works for free of cost.
I am using in this tutorial SerpRank Privacy Policy Generator.  
create a privacy policy
  1. Go to the SerpRank privacy policy generator page.
  2. First, click on the Register button
  3. Now Click on the select button
  4. Fill the basic information form
  5. Redirect to your account by using your account button
Create a Privacy Policy

  1. In the left corner of the website, you can see the bulking phrases. When Privacy Policy generator will come then click on it.
  2. Enter your site/blog name and also enter the email address.
  3. If you are using cookies then click “Yes”, If not then click “No”
  4. Enter the advertising information
You can add the information about all the ads which you are showing on your website.
Create a Privacy Policy

After filling all information click “CREATE MY PRIVACY POLICY”
Copy the page text as a text file.

How To Add The Generated Privacy Policy To Your Blog?

  1. Open your Blogger Dashboard > Pages. If you are using WordPress Blog then go to your Dashboard > Pages > Add New
  2. To blogger first, add the title Privacy policy.
  3. Create a new blank page and paste the copied privacy policy in the text body.
  4. Publish your page 
You have successfully created and published Privacy Policy for your blog.
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By creating the Privacy Policy page to your blog, you will increase the trust of your visitors. It’s very important to have a privacy policy page. It will help your readers to know more about your blog. The blog where you want to show ads, it is necessary to have a privacy policy page. This is mentioned in Google AdSense Term and condition.

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