How to Setup Blogspot Custom Domain? Complete Guidance

blogspot custom domain

When you create your blog on Blogspot, it is connected with domain. This domain is provided free for all of us.

My recommendation for you to use the custom domain instead. You have to purchase the custom domain for your blog. The custom domains are not free. You have to spend your money on it. But that is the best.

If you are a beginner for blogging and have created the blog on Blogspot, your domain is like ‘’. This is your default domain name. The custom domain name is like or, for it the good example is our domain name you can see.

There are many benefits of using the custom domain for the Blogspot blog.
Now we are starting the main and very important part of this post. The process to setup custom domain is a little bit technical but I will try to make this process so easy and non-technical.

I am sharing the process to set up the Blogspot custom domain. You have to follow this process step by step. By using this process you can change your domain with the custom domain.

Now I am going to start the tutorial. I am assuming you have purchased the domain name from Godaddy and you have created the blog on Blogspot. if you have not created it first.

Complete guide to setup Blogspot with Custom Domain

The first thing to remember is buy a good domain (like .com, .in etc). You don’t know the advantage of a custom domain. I will write a special post for it. You have to invest the few for that but many benefits you will get.

You can see and compare my domain. Which is the best or

If you have not purchased the custom domain yet, don’t worry I will cover that topic as earlier as I can.

You can read this both posts to increase the value of your blog. By reading these posts you can decide and buy your suitable domain easily. I am suggesting you ‘try to buy the .com or .in only’.

Before going to purchase the domain you should decide it first. After deciding you can buy it easily.

I have already told one thing and I am telling that now also, I am assuming.

  • ·         Your blog is created on Blogspot
  • ·         You have buy your custom domain

If you are thinking you have created the backlink for Blogspot domain and after changing the domain you will lose your backlinks and traffic then don’t worry. Google will take care of it. You won’t lose your traffic.

Add the Custom Domain name to your blog

This is the first step of this tutorial. You have to make some changes in your Blogspot blog. Simply log in to your blog first. Now you have to go to the setting of the domain. You can find it in Basic after Setting tab of your blog.

blogspot custom domain

As you can see in the image, you have to click on “+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog. 
After clicking on the above link you will reach another page. Here you need to add your custom domain name. You have to add your custom domain with www prefix.

blogspot custom domain

After adding the custom domain, you have to click on the “Save” button. Now it will give us two CNAME records. We need both CNAME records in the next step. This page will show you error 12. You don’t worry.

In the image, you can see the two columns. The first is Name, label or host and the second one it Destination, Target or Point too.

Now, this is the time to start the second step. You have to log in to your domain controller website and make changes.

Let start the next step-

Setup the CNAME record for Blogspot custom domain name

Login to your GoDaddy account. Now you can see the page of GoDaddy. As shown in the image you have to click on the drop-down button.

blogspot custom domain

After clicking on the drop-down button, the new option will open. Now you have to go for My Product as shown in the image.

blogspot custom domain

In My product tab, you can see all the domains which you have purchased. Now you need to click on the DNS button of the selected custom domain. After that, you will reach inside the DNS setting of the domain.

blogspot custom domain

Now you need to click on the ‘Add’ button as you can see it in the screenshot. If you are not able to Add the new record or no response in Add button, you can replace your CNAME records with default two.

You have to click on the dropdown button for adding the CNAME records. Now you have to copy the first text of the first column from Blogspot setting and paste it in the first empty text box.

blogspot custom domain

Similarly, you have to copy the text of the second column and paste it in the second empty text box. Similarly, you have to do it for second records also. After adding the records you need to click on the “Save” button.

If you found any query about it you can contact me.

This process is the technical process, therefore, it takes 24-48 hour to complete. Now close you GoDaddy account after 24-48 hours you can see the changes in your Blogspot setting.

The error 12 message you have seen at the time of adding the custom domain will hide automatically. After hiding you have to click the “Save” button. Your blog will redirect to you new custom domain automatically.

That means your custom domain start working properly.

blogspot custom domain

After saving you can see your domain setting as like showing in this screenshot.
Google will take care, if someone try to find you by your blogspot domain it will automatically redirect to your new custom domain.

This will work similar for all the internal pages of your blog. You will not lose your any traffic or traffic juice.

Also, you have to do one more thing. After installing the custom domain successfully, you have to returns to domain setting in the blog and tick the empty box as shown in the image.

blogspot custom domain

By click in this box, you get one benefit. If anybody searches for it will redirect to If you didn’t do it, visitors will not find you as therefore it is one of the important thing.

If you are a pro blogger and using the Blogspot platform to customize your blog and didn’t use the custom domain, I highly recommend it for you.

If you found some problem in installing the custom domain and you are not able to install custom domain let me know your problem by the comment.

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